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The OC Batbusters, founded in 1979, is one of the oldest and unquestionably the most successful organization in girls’ fastpitch softball.

Batbuster teams have won over 30 National Championships, winning one in every age group. Batbusters is the current defending National Champion at 18U Alliance Tier 1 and the currently ranked number-one club team.

Batbuster players have earned over 500 college scholarships, 80% of those scholarships “Full Rides” and 90% at least 70% of the total cost. Known to us there are 5 doctors, 7 lawyers, 3 university level scientists, 8 university level professors, more than 30 HS teachers, more than 50 teachers at pre-HS level, 11 professional trainers, 4 university softball head coaches, 10 university assistant coaches and numerous HS coaches. There are 3 CEO’s of large companies and countless other successful former players, some of whom have daughters that are Batbusters.

Batbuster players have been included on every Olympic Team and on a USA National Team of some ilk every year since the mid-1980’s.

Batbuster players have been awarded the NCAA and USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year for DI Softball. There are also hundreds of Batbusters who have won All-American, All-Region, All-League and other awards.

Batbuster players have been awarded top honors including multiple ESPY awards and Gatorade Player of the Year. 

The current and former Batbuster coaches hold these standards in the highest regard.

  • We will provide opportunity and instruction to every athlete on our team
  • We will respect our athletes and interact with them as we wish them to interact with others
  • We will prepare them in their attempt to earn a college scholarship and we will make every effort to honestly promote each athlete.  As a program we try and break down the game of softball into teachable pieces from the mechanics of the game itself to the mental challenges in preparation and competition.  From hitting and fielding techniques taught to our players from elite coaches and players we focus on the successful means of teaching the basic fundamentals of the game.
  • Our teams’ appearance and conduct will provide a positive example for any young girl who is interested in softball and any official who is considering us for an event or sponsor who is available to support us
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